Marine Furniture And Upholstery Project Design

As the provider of marine furniture and upholstery, we are ready to finish your project from the beginning, strategy, concept and finishing by designing and maintaining the cruise, yacht and marine interior is created by the advanced and experienced engineers to make your boat, marine and yacht kept safe and elegant.

Being on the water  is about enjoying your boat and yacht. If you have passion in surfing, sailing and fishing, you need to complete your boat with the best marine furniture and upholstery in order to make you enjoy each moment with our marine furniture and upholstery, which are beautiful, luxury, anti bacterium, user-friendly and high durability. Marine furniture and upholstery UrecelQuickDry is designed to be ideal for many boat, yacht and marine upholstery applications.

In addition, our marine furniture and upholstery project is set to complete your sailing. This is one of the our projects design for boat, yacht and marine, Marina Project Boat Yacht, As the image above.