The Best Marine Interior or Cruise Interior Design

As the provider of marine furniture, we are ready to finish your project from the beginning, strategy, concept, and finishing by designing and maintaining the marine, yacht, and cruise interior created by advanced and experienced engineers to make your boat, marine, and yacht kept safe and elegant.

Our marine, cruise, and yacht interior furniture products are the best quality, anti bacterium, user-friendly and high durability because our marine upholstery has three linings to protect from the bacterium and damage and environmentally used. Besides, our marine furniture is designed to be suitable for all kinds of cruise, yacht and marine interior, and outdoor rooms.

In addition, our marine, cruise, and yacht interior design are used to make your sailing perfect, impressive, and luxurious. This is one of the examples of our outdoor cushion foam for design interior, Boat Yacht Marina Jakarta, As the image above.


The Best Quality Marine Upholstery for Yacht Interior and Cruise Interior

We set our best marine upholstery for interior and exterior rooms of yachts, boats, cruises, marine and house. Our marine upholstery has many variant design and decorations which are modern, sturdy and comfortable. Our marine upholstery also has the three lining to avoid damaging and bacteria. Our yacht, boat, cruise and marine furniture are used in luxury place. Lounging on the deck of a super yacht, or boat, cruise when at the marine, or sitting by the pool at a luxury hotel, you’ll be relaxing on a cushion for outdoor which is made by Urecel QuickDry.

Cushion from Urecel QuickDry could also be the best decoration for outdoor furniture or outdoor cushion too. An advanced, high-performance foam engineered specifically for outdoor applications, Urecel QuickDry is the first choice of top-end designers because it’s simply the best there is. If you want to see our products about outdoor cushion foam for your yacht, boat, cruise, marine upholstery, patio furniture cushions, and seats.

Marine Upholstery Interior (Yacht & Cruise Furniture)

Another project by Urecel QuickDry who can make your boat feel better with our product. This Project can help you to manage your decoration in your boat. If you need more information about what’s inside our Cushion you can visit this.

If you need more information about our products or need to ask something, just visit contact us.

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