Outdoor Furniture & Cushions Located Around The World

Our outdoor and marine furniture is completely elegant and impressive designs that have been used from exclusive beach resorts to leading city hotels, boats to cruises, super yachts to super homes – you will find outdoor furniture cushions and cruise furniture by Urecel Quick Dry (UQD) at luxury locations all over the world. Every day of the year, rain or shine.

Today, Urecel (UQD) is considered a Global Leader in Reticulation and Impregnation Technologies and its World-Class products because our outdoor furniture and marine furniture, such as outdoor foam, patio furniture cushions, and many others, are designed by advanced and experienced engineers. So, the foam from Urecel QuickDry is the best for your outdoor furniture, marine furniture, and patio furniture cushions. See why Urecel QuickDry became the Global Leader Brand on this page.