Q.What is our standard block size?

A. Our standard block size is 2M x 1m with thickness of approximately 36cm.



Q. What are the range of densities I can buy?

A. We have 4 types.

Super Soft:

Soft: density 28kg / M3

Medium: density 30kg/M3

Firm: density 32kg/M3



Q. Can Urecel QuickDry be compressed?

A. Yes. Our standard block can be compressed. In a 20FT container (approx 60 CBM) we can fit 110 blocks (40-60% compressed from its original size).

In a 40Ft container (approx 60 CBM) we can fit approximately 110 blocks (40-60% compressed from its original size).



Q. How can I get my ‘cut to size’ cushions?

A. You can simply email us your cushion dimension sized, CAD drawing, or provide us with a simple template. We will follow up and provide a quotation.



Q. Do you make finished furniture products?

A. No, we do manufacture furniture. However, we can recommend you several furniture manufacturers that use Urecel QuickDry



Q. Do you make finished cushions?

A. No, we specialise on making outdoor foam insert pad. However, we can coordinate and recommend to you our cushion maker alliances that carry a large selection of outdoor fabrics.



Q. I am using water repellent farbrics for cushions. Why should I use Urecel QuickDry?

A. Usually, even ‘water repellent’ fabrics cannot prevent moisture and humidity penetrating the fabric. After a certain period of time when moisture builds up inside the foam, it will be heavy, wet and cause nasty odour.


Q. How about using a ‘water proof’ outer shell like PVC?

A. Even when using PVC outer shell, humidity and moisture will penetrate through sewing lines. If these seams are sealed the cushion will act like a balloon, the cushion will not breathe or be comfortable. Once the sealing is broken and moisture gets in, the cushion will never dry.



Q. When I open the cover, the Urecel QuickDry cover is still wet. Why?

A. If your cushion does not have drainage (mesh fabric) at the bottom, the pads need to be taken out and dried.



Q. How long does it take to drain normally?

A. Urecel QuickDry will dry almost immediately, however its not covered with non-woven polyester fibre with lining, depending on the climate and thickness of the cushion. It would not be possible to dry if it was normal foam!



Q. Urecel QuickDry has 4 different firmness levels. Which one should I use?

A. This will depend on the thickness of your cushions. The thicker the cushion us we recommend you use soft. In addition the back/ headrest are usually ‘softer’ then the seat. Talk to specialist for further enquiries.



Q. Is Urecel QuickDry in accordance with the Californian Standard fire retardancy?

A. Yes, FR grade is also available, ask our specialist for a copy of our certification.



Q. What is the product warranty?

A. 2 years from time of delivery, see explanation here. Statement and conditions apply, ask our specialist for more information.



Q. Where I can download your brochure?

You can download our product brochure in this page.

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