Henning Dahlgaard Sørensen

President Director

PT. Gloster Furniture

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PT. Gloster Furniture Indonesia have been working closely with Urecel QuickDry for the last 4-5 years. The team at Urecel has been extremely helpful in setting ourselves up to manufacture outdoor cushion and upholstery. Urecel QuickDry is a great material which fits perfectly with our philosophy of how to produce a uncompromising quality product. Not only have Urecel QuickDry supplied us the material but also helped us finding the right cutting equipment and setting up our manufacturing layout as well as suggesting designs for cushion and upholstery constructions

Arnaud Boullé

General Manager

Pack Plastics Ltd


Packlines started representing the QDF in 2007 and it has been a revolution for all the hotel industry. We have introduced the real outdoor performance cushion and beach mattress. The product is more comfortable, more durable and give the customer the best quality product for any outdoor use. The QDF is also treated antibacterial and against moisture.

It is a real cost saving product for the hotels because with a normal foam your product will last 2 years as compare to the quick dry foam where it will last at least 5 years. This product is very much appreciate by our customer base and it is made for the tropical weather. We have started selling the QDF to les Seychelles and to la reunion and our client are very happy when they realize how efficient and PRACTICAL this product is.

Packlines is very happy to represent the QDF in Mauritius and in the region and we look forward to develop more products in partnership with URECEL.

Vince Lampert

Managing Director



One of our iconic products, has made a very good impression on the critics and our customers worldwide, receiving recognitions and even awards. We are glad that for more than five years, URECEL’s Quick Dry Foam has been helping us come up with the best quality furniture product. With Quick Dry Foam, we keep our commitment towards our policy of quality dubbed as BEST QUALITY ON TIME and we are glad that URCEL gives value to such policy as well by giving us the same level of quality and quickness.

Isabel Tahon

Export Import Manager

Manutti Belgium


Manutti uses Urecel QuickDry foam for the cushion fillings of its high-end outdoor design furniture. Because of its superior quality Urecel QuickDry foam is ideally suited as a filling for cushions and for upholstery which are exposed to extreme weather conditions. Its excellent drying capacity enables easy and quick drying and therefore ensures the cushions fabric to preserve its look and elasticity leaving no residue of water or light scale. Manutti also highly recommends Urecel QuickDry foam for its supreme power of recovery.

John Miller

Managing Director

Greenpark Products Ltd


Greenpark has been the New Zealand and Pacific Islands QDF distributor for many years – QDF is the leading brand in these markets, We have the most sophisticated foam conversion machinery in NZ, capable of producing any style of QDF product. From poolside loungers to Super Yacht fit outs. We carry the full range of QDF including QDF – FR and Urecel filter foam. Go to our website for further details, www.greenpark.co.nz

Simon J Gatliff

Sales and Marketing Manager



‘Our relationship with PT Urecel has been positive for over eight years. As Sunbrella and Quick Dry Foam are complementary components of many finished products, it is natural for us to promote a better understanding of the combined benefits of the two products. Sunbrella offers a breathable cover for cushions, and when combined with Quick Dry Foam, the result is the perfect seating solution for customers in climates with regular rainfall and high humidity’